About Us

Maha and Menna - Selsal FoundersHi, my name is Maha Atef, I’m the designer and maker of Selsal handmade jewelry and gifts. I’m a self-taught polymer clay artist with a pharmacy degree. Along with my younger sister Menna, a computer science student, we started Selsal in 2013.

And for a whole year, I was working in a pharmaceutical company while simultaneously growing my own business. Menna and I were in a position to create a variety of designs for jewelry and key chains. It wasn’t until I realized how much people like our products that I decided to leave my pharmaceutical career behind and own my own business.

Despite my family’s worries about such a decision, they have fully respected my will and supported me once I made the leap. With their help, Selsal Studio was formed in the ground floor of the family home.

And this is how Selsal was born from my desire to finding success at something I am passionate about. 

Selsal Studio

Selsal Studio, where we make our stuff

Just jewelry and gifts?! No!

As we wanted to make the process of finding a gift much easier and enjoyable for you, Menna has designed a variety of personalized cards for different occasion. Now you can order your loved ones special gifts and gift cards with their names and more.

And with the help of our friend Mai Morsy, we have also a bunch of awesome gift boxes that she made especially for Selsal.

Find a gift, a personalized card and a gift box by Selsal Online Gifts Store

Our aim is to make you smile when you see our products.  Thank you for stopping in, we hope you enjoy what you see and feel free to contact us if you’ve any inquiries :)