Personalized Butterflies Necklaces with Names

Personalized Butterflies Necklaces with Names

Posted by Maha Atef on 27th Apr 2017

Because we know how people love their names and how they love to look different; may be by wearing some personalized jewelry or having a customized key chain with their names, we created these personalized designs to satisfy your need for being unique. Moreover, we used to get requests from our customers for customized gifts and key chains with their beloveds' names. They always want to give a special gift not like any other one! 

Colorful Hand-painted Butterflies Heart Necklace

When I first made the Colorful Hand-painted Butterflies Heart Necklace and I posted its photo on our Facebook page, I received a message from one of our fans asking for this necklace with her name. First, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to write the name perfectly and to make it fit in that small space of the pendant. And I couldn't expect whether it'd look good or not. But actually when I made it I was so happy and the customer was super happy with it. She loved it and she loved that she is wearing something unique with her name. Not to mention, since I posted the new necklace with the name, a lot of our fans on Facebook liked it and ordered it and it became one of our featured necklaces.

Personalized Name Necklace with Butterflies - Hand-painted

This is how the new butterflies necklace looks like with a name. 

Such a simple modification in the design made it much more favored by our dear customers because it is made specially for them.

The personalized name necklace with butterflies plus a matching ring with butterflies can make a perfect gift for her.

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Personalized Names Necklaces with Butterflies - Hand-painted