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Pomegranate Drawing and Coloring with Ink Markers

When I tell people that coloring with ink markers makes food drawings so attractive and delicious I really mean it 😉 because when I first shared my ink markers donuts drawing on one of the

Zomoroda! My first human figurine!

"زمرده" بالخطوات ... دي صور أثناء العمل .. و لأنها كانت أول تجربه فللأسف مفيش فيديو .. بس إن شاء الله المره اللي جايه يكون في خطوات بالتفصيل أكتر ☺ نيجي بقى للخطوات ;) الجسم بيتعمل الأول

Drawing a “yummy” Strawberry Tart 😋

About 3 years ago I found alcohol-based ink markers in a stationary. I liked that they are available in so many color grades, which aroused my curiosity and I wondered what they are used for!I boug
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