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In this mini-course, I’d love to share with you a drawing practice that I’ve been doing recently. It’s a weekly art journal with drawing. Every week I fill a page with drawings for events or activities that I went through throughout the week. This could be things I’ve done or things that happened to me and I want to keep remembering it. On this weekly page, I draw at least one drawing that represents a significant event for each day, whether it’s an outing with friends, a work that I’ve done, a movie that I enjoyed watching, anything that I’d be grateful for at that certain day. I draw it on that one week page. I found this is a good practice to make a drawing habit for me and at the same time I found it very useful in keeping track of how I spend my days. It’s also a great way, to sum up my week for reflection. And it makes me also grateful for the small things that happen every day. So I’d love to share this practice with you through this mini-course.

The course is divided up into two videos. In the first video, I show you some examples from my weekly journal so that you get close to the idea. In the second video, I show you a step-by-step how do I draw one of my weekly journals.

I hope you find this class useful and I’d love to see your art too. So please feel free to share them with me.

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Why to draw your week and examples.00:06:48

Drawing tutorial

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