Make a Polymer Clay Necklace with a Basket of Flowers

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In this course, you’ll get the basic knowledge about polymer clay and you’ll learn how to make a necklace with a projecting basket of flowers using the clay.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to make your own designs that could be either floral or not, as you would’ve gained the skill of making and shaping using polymer clay. So many other things will be easy for you.

And don’t worry if you’ve never touched polymer clay before because this course will give you the fundamental knowledge about polymer clay, how to condition it, how to bake it and much about its properties.  Moreover, I’ve taken into consideration that you wouldn’t have many tools as a beginner. Just watch the course first to determine what tools would you need.

And off course if you’ve worked with polymer clay before and you’d like to learn how to make a projecting basket shape with flowers, and to get some useful working tips and precautions, then this course is absolutely for you.

The course is structured to give you:

  1. Basic information about polymer clay.
    • Essential for beginners.
    • Materials and tools.
    • General knowledge about polymer clay properties.
    • Conditioning polymer clay.
    • Baking polymer clay.
    • How to glue polymer clay to metal bezel pendants.
  2. Step-by-step tutorial for the design of a projecting basket of flowers.

The videos of the course were shot with high quality to show you the small details from different perspectives. And so you can play them on your pc, tablet or mobile with clear image.

Now if you enjoyed this sample course, then please leave your review and let me know that! And if you’d like to get a full experience, then you’re welcome to join me at the full course (Make Realistic Floral Necklaces using Polymer Clay).

What Will I Learn?

  • You'll be able to make a necklace with a projecting basket of flowers using polymer clay.
  • By applying this course's tutorial, you'll get trained on making tiny designs using polymer clay.
  • If you're a beginner, you'll gain the basic knowledge about polymer clay first. That includes but not limited to; general properties about polymer clay, conditioning the clay, baking it, gluing it to metal bezel pendants, and storage and safety issues.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons1h

Basics about polymer clay (For Beginners)?

Learn what's this course about and get the basic knowledge about polymer clay.
Course intro video00:01:30
Materials and Tools00:04:30
Polymer Clay – General Properties00:02:29
Conditioning Polymer Clay00:05:47
Baking Polymer Clay00:02:59
Gluing polymer clay to the metal pendant00:05:08
The use of super-glue00:00:41

Basket of Flowers Necklace Tutorial?

Learn how to make a projecting basket of flowers using polymer clay.

Material Includes

  • Polymer clay.
  • Metal bezel pendant.
  • Chain.
  • Liquid polymer clay.
  • Some sculpting tools (optional)
  • Super glue.
  • E-6000 glue.


  • Using polymer clay and some tools you'll be able to make necklaces and pendants with flowers.
  • A desire to make things by hand as well as love for details.
  • A willing to learn about jewelry design using the "applique technique" in polymer clay.
  • No prior knowledge is required; the course includes a whole section for beginners.

Target Audience

  • Those who love to make things by hand. Or anyone who'd like to make jewelry to sell.
  • Those who are interested in jewelry design and handmade gifts.
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