February 21, 2020

When I tell people that coloring with ink markers makes food drawings so attractive and delicious I really mean it 😉 because when I first shared my ink markers donuts drawing on one of the drawing groups on Facebook, I got tens of comments from group members telling me that the drawing made them craving donuts 😋 .

Of course, I was thrilled by their comments but I also felt somehow guilty 🙈 .. not too much actually .. because I made them crave sugar; the thing that I fight myself to cut it off.
So I told myself that I had to fix this by drawing something healthy! And finally, here I’m sharing with you a shortened video for a new tutorial that I’ve added to my online course (Ink Markers: Food Drawing and Illustration).

In this video, you’ll see how I draw and color a pomegranate fruit and a half. My goal from this tutorial is to show you my process of creating a texture while coloring the seeds and the skin of the fruit.

Click to start watching!

I hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial and find it inspiring! If you enjoyed the video, please leave me a comment below, I’d be so happy to hear back from you.

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