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What will I learn?

  • You’ll be able to make necklaces and pendants with detailed and realistic flowers; what is called the “applique technique” in polymer clay.
  • For beginners, you’ll gain basic knowledge about polymer clay first. That includes but is not limited to; general properties of polymer clay, conditioning the clay, baking it, storage, and safety issues.
  • By applying this course’s tutorials, you’ll gain the skill of making and shaping using polymer clay, consequently, you’ll be able to make things other than the floral designs shown in the course.




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2 reviews for Make Realistic Floral Necklaces Using Polymer Clay – Online Course

  1. Nada Aboelmagd

    I like the idea of making neckless with polymer clay and I cannot wait to learn

    • Maha Atef

      Good luck Nada.

  2. Arielle Nicholas

    this course is really good, it shows you how to make quality clay pieces that won’t break. there is a lot of faux pas in this type of jewelry making that i didn’t know about and if you have a design in mind this course will definitely help you make it. you learn clay manipulation, sculpting properly with depth, making new colors that you don’t have, light painting for realism, methods of baking, adding glass look so your items look like they are porcelain. you really only need this course and you have everything covered to start making really nice unique pieces of jewelry.

    • Maha Atef

      Thanks so much Arielle. Your review really pleased me. Glad you found the course useful.

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